Web Strategy Fundamentals

The book is divided into four parts:

Before you build a website

  • How to bring visitors to this page
  • How to take care of visitors and converts them into customers
  • How do you analyze your website to increase business value

You don't need to have a web shop to make money with your website. Web Strategy Fundamentals deals with building a website from a visitor perspective and the businessrelated
structures that should be in place today to make a website profitable for the organization.


The book is not about web design or web development. It's about how to strategically create a platform for your Internet marketing. It doesn't matter if the website is for a  municipality, a company, a non-profit organization or a sports association. The fundamental mechanisms for web strategy works for all types of websites. The book starts with a foreword from Internetworld's Swedish editor in chief Magnus Höij.

Author Anders Tufvesson works as a senior web strategist for the company Two. Anders has worked with the web and the Internet since 1996. Join him for a while with "Business by web."


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