The Web Strategy Book is about how a website is built from a
visitor's perspective and the business structures that should be present on today's modern websites. It's not about web design, web development or the various trends that regularly show up on the Internet. Instead, it's about the basic commercial principles that all websites should have. Web strategy is based on existing business models, marketing plans, communication plans and digital communication plans. It doesn't matter if the website is for a municipality, a company, a nonprofit organization or a sports association. The basic mechanisms for web strategy are applicable to all types of websites.


There are several groups of intended readers for this book: marketing and sales personnel, web designers, advertising representatives and students; in other words, anyone who deals with marketing, sales and the world wide web. In the long run, a website should attract the right visitors. When a user comes to a website, she should reach the established goals and in some way become a customer according to the website's description of customer. It's easy to see the intention of a website that sells something directly; it's harder to see the intentions when the business happens offline. This book describes how to make visitors into customers, called converting in the world of the web.


The book also discusses how to analyze what happens on a website and how a marketing department or webmaster can see what works and what doesn't on their own websites. Design is important in creating an impression and eliciting a reaction from the visitor. At the same time, design is often based on trends, and is subject to short-lived fads, which is why this book does not deal with design. With regards to development, publishing tools, html and other technical aspects, there are many valuable books. This book works for all types of tools and programs for building a website.


The Web Strategy Book is divided into four sections: Before you Build a Website, How to Attract Visitors to the Website, How to Take Care of your Visitors and Turn them into Customers, and How to Analyze your Website to Increase the Business Value. As the book's title suggests, the key word is "business value." The book provides answers to how business value can be created on a website. By business value, I mean that the website should be used to create business and/or to save money for the organization. It should be possible to evaluate the business value of a website by doing an expense-income analysis. In the field of web production, the term "Return on Investment" (ROI) is used to show the profitability of web site.

To avoid confusion, the term organization will be used to represent
businesses, governing authorities, municipalities, sports associations etc. Enjoy this time about web strategy and creating a website that gives "Business by web"!

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