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You don't need to have a web shop to make money with your website. Web Strategy Fundamentals deals with building a website from a visitor perspective and the businessrelated structures that should be in place today to make a website profitable for the organization. The book is not about web design or web development. It's about how to strategically create a platform for your Internet marketing. It doesn't matter if the website is for a municipality, a company, a non-profit organization or a sports association. The fundamental mechanisms for web strategy works for all types of websites. The book starts with a foreword from Internetworld's Swedish editor in chief Magnus Höij.

Author Anders Tufvesson works as a senior digital and internet strategist for the company Two. Anders has worked with the web and the Internet since 1996. Join him for a while with "Business by web."

"I have worked closely with Tufvesson on an earlier project with another company where my role with Solvalla was to improve Elitloppet (one of Sweden's most visited sporting events) as a brand name. At the time, I was a customer of Tufvesson's. I was deeply impressed with his simple pedagogical management of each individual process, which gave me as a customer a clear overview to create better business value. was a very well visited campaign site in 2008! Now, as marketing executive for Unibet with 3.6 million customers in 150 countries, it is even more important to simplify the "moneytainment" branch and this book that Anders has written gave me an honest "on the outside looking in perspective" that I respect. A good guy who gives me the tools to push business value to new heights. You should read it too."

Andreas Slätt,
Marketing executive, Unibet, Sweden

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