Social media - hype or opportunity

The Web and the Internet has always been social. Even before Tim Burners Lee came to "The World Wide Web" was the forum on the internet via the Usenet and BBSs. There is thus a possibility that has always existed. The reason that it has become so popular today is that there is so much more opportunities and ways to be social.


Mobile phones have made the Social Web far more present in our lives than when we had to sit at a computer to be social.

Anders Tufvesson is among other things behind the strategy for Myresjöhus, one of the leading house manufacturers in Sweden.  Already in 2007 Myresjöhus released house building blogs on its website and let them blog about their house-building on the site.


In his job as a digital media strategist, he has integrated many social features of websites and Internet campaigns. We can tailor lectures based on your needs. The lectures can be comprehensive educational and / or specific and inspiring. Please contact us using the form on the right.

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